Some of my past work:

I have worked as a journalist specializing in stranger-than-fiction stories. The first one I ever published was about Italian Star Wars movies. I published feature articles about subjects like the South Korean movie director who was kidnapped by Kim Jong-Un’s dad and forced to make a monster film.

Lately I have been more into creative writing, interactive fiction and writing some scripts.

Bad Moon Rising

I am the author of Bad Moon Rising: The Strange Untold Story of the Cult Leader, his Newspaper and the Right.

The book tells the story of how an abusive cult known as the Unification Church overcame 1970s infamy to create the conservative Washington Times (not to be confused with the Post!), building a many-tentacled business empire and helping to shape today’s far-right American media.

Though the book received little attention upon politics in places like the New Republic and on the research shelf of acclaimed podcasters and documentarians.

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Other stuff

In 2016, I was co-writer (with my dad) of Kearny’s Dragoons Out West, a book of American military history published by the University of Oklahoma. We also wrote for Wild West magazine and The Armchair Reader: Civil War.