Hi. I’m John, a freelance software developer and book author.

Here’s an overview of my past work. It includes projects ranging from 3D projections of birds into camera space, to a legal database for the San Francisco electricians’ union, to an app designed to be held in the slippery hands of octopus fishermen on the beaches of Madagascar.

Here are some of the things I can do for your nonprofit or purpose-driven organisation.

  • Helping you plan technology projects. I design, scope and advise on all kinds of database-driven Web and mobile software.
  • Engineering Web systems from the inside-out. I have an extensive background in building both front-end interactive features and server backends, using all sorts of platforms, handling surges of traffic.
  • Building phone and tablet apps. I’ve built many iOS and Android apps for clients. I’m familiar with the heavy duty multithreaded stuff going on with this kind of programming.
  • Heavy-duty WordPress work. I’m well-versed in the internals of the popular CMS. I’ve often used it as the human-friendly backend for animated and other interactives.